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Terms of Service

Terms of Use

For Paying Subscription Members:

You are not to share your graphics downloaded from this site with other Color Street stylists. These are copyright images that you purchased and may not be shared in other groups or with other stylists. Paying members join to invest in their individual business and may use the images for only their business benefit. The subscription term is initially 6 months and then month to month after that.

If you share these images with other stylists, doing so is theft of intellectual property and is punishable by law.

If you cancel your subscription before the 6 months, you will immediately be moved to the free level access. Your access to the paid area will be immediately revoked and if you paid for the month, you will not get a refund.

We only accept payments through Stripe at this time for security purposes, to protect you and the website.


For the free member area:

All Graphic Content on the free member area is meant to be used for Color Street Stylists ONLY and in their VIP group pages. It also can be used to share amongst Stylists, and they can be altered to benefit the stylists VIP Nail Bar Groups, in that they can add GIF images, or add their name, or a little something to make it different.  These images can be posted to the Color Street Stylists other social media channels specifically Instagram, Twitter Pinterest.

These images are not to be used by other Color Street Group Admins to claim to be their own or part of their VIP Graphics groups. These images should not be shared amongst other Color Street graphics groups, Facebook groups or Facebooks groups supporting dry polish.

For All Images:

These images are not to be used for sale or profit by any stylist or user of the images.

These images remain the ownership of the creator with permission to use and alter for the purpose of Color Street Stylists VIP Nail bar Groups where they sell Color Street Nail Strips. These images are not to be used by other Facebook Color Street Graphics Groups to claim as their own, even if altered. The format and terminology of these graphics should also not be copied by other Color Street Graphics groups to utilize as their own.

No designer shall take these images to be used in a sale, benefit, or profit of their own on any site including Etsy and sites alike.


Any and all violations of this will be met with legal action by legal counsel for the Digital Design Company.

The owner of the content and images on this website belongs to Elizabeth DiPasquale the Digital Design Company.